Is Teeth Whitening Painful?

Teeth whitening is a famous cosmetic treatment amongst people. But teeth whitening has many side effects and problems. It may include pain and discomfort. Teeth whitening procedures provided by dentists or utilizing a take-home kit do not cause pain and discomfort. But if you are suffering from sensitivity then you may suffer from discomfort when bleaching agents are applied to the teeth. The dentist will discuss ways to decrease the discomfort or they may advise an alternative method. Visit your dentist before beginning with teeth whitening in Edmond; you can easily fight discoloration even though you have sensitive teeth. The dentist will tell you many ways which are perfect for you.

Side effects of teeth whitening

The vast majority don’t encounter any negative impacts from teeth whitening, yet your dental specialist will ensure you comprehend what the potential dangers are before you choose to have the treatment. These may include:

  • Sensitivity due to hot and cold foods and beverages.
  • A sensation of mini shock in the teeth.

These effects may stop within 48 hours of teeth whitening and the Oklahoma City orthodontist will provide some products like gels or toothpaste for sensitivity. If you still face discomfort after this or you observe any side effects, it is better to contact your dentist at that moment only.

Possible risks of teeth whitening

Risks of teeth whitening are decreased if you have any treatment at a dental clinic or you have utilized any home kit under the instruction of your dentist. Beauty salons are not licensed to whiten teeth.

Risks of improper teeth whitening are the following:

Inflammation in the pulp of teeth that have cracked or have been exposed dentine. There are also chances of irritation in the pulp of teeth due to bleaching agents that come in contact with gums, skin, eyes or mucus layer. If you have swallowed the bleaching agent by mistake then it can irritate the throat and stomach and could lead to distension.

Alternatives to teeth whitening

If you think that teeth bleaching is not a good option for you then your dentist will provide other options for whitening your teeth. These ways are:

  • You should improve your oral hygiene to reduce the chances of a plague that can darken your teeth and can cause tooth decay.
  • Expert teeth cleaning should be opted to remove the plaque that may have built in the teeth.
  • Porcelain to be fitted over the teeth to alter the appearance for your teeth, even though these can cause sensitivity and have their problems.
  • You should avoid dark-colored foods and beverages like coffee, tea, sauces, etc.
  • You should drink beverages like coffee, coke with the help of straw to reduce the contact of drinks with the front teeth.
  • You should give up smoking.
  • You should visit dentists regularly.

Are teeth whitening painful?

It is usually not painful. It depends from person to person. Few patients will experience tooth sensitivity while teeth whitening process. If you have sensitivity before whitening then there are chances that you will face sensitivity to the bleach which is used for the whitening process. It is also significant to know that sensitivity is temporary and it does not cause any damage to your teeth when used as instructed by dentists.

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