How Effective Are Storm Shelters

Storm shelters are becoming quite common because they are considered to be a safe hiding place in case of powerful tornadoes and hurricanes. Each year, dozens of such hurricanes rip apart the coasts of many states in the country and they cause immense loss of life and property. A storm shelter is considered to be one of the best options because it could be a structure that could give protection to people from highly powerful and strong winds and also flying debris. We will try and learn something more about storm shelters Norman OK and look at some common types of shelters. It will be a good source of information and knowledge for those who are keen to know more about it.

Underground Shelter

If you have seen the movie The Wizard f Oz, you might have some understanding of underground storm shelters Oklahoma. These are structures made from concrete or reinforced steel and also fiberglass. They are prebuilt and are installed underground. They are commonly installed underneath a garage or in a yard. They are slightly different from the conventional basements. The walls and the ceilings are stronger and are made from materials that are reinforced. They have the capability of withstanding high-velocity winds and also can withstand heavy knocks from flying debris. However, you may have to get inside the shelter before the storm because it may not be safe to access them when the storm is at its violent best.

Converting Part Of The House

In many cases, it may not be possible to build an Moore storm shelter because of the water table. In such situations, the next best alternative would be to go in for a shelter that is placed inside the home while it is under construction. They are usually outfitted with a shelter which resembles a bank safe or locker in many ways. Here again reinforced steel and wood is used and it can also double up as a storage room or as a closet. It should be anchored and should also be self-contained so that it is effective and useful. Anchoring is important because the powerful winds of a hurricane have the strength to overturn the entire structure.

Prebuilt Shelters

Many prebuilt shelters are also available and the same the can be installed inside a home. The ideal place is the first floor of the home if it is possible. These prebuilt shelters are available in different styles, shapes, and sizes. They are made in the form of steel skeletons, welded steel boxes, and they also could come prefabricated that are then joined and bolted together.  Yes, they also should be anchored to the foundation for remaining strong and stable.

Do They Offer Safety?

The final question that comes to our mind is whether these shelters offer complete protection and safety from hurricanes and tornadoes. The answer is yes, provided the quality of the shelter is good and it is made from high-quality materials. Anchoring is extremely important and unless this aspect is taken care of it may not be of much use. In fine, there is no doubt that these shelters do play an important role in case of powerful storms and hurricanes.

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