A Look At Golf Dressing Trends For Women

Golf has become popular amongst women perhaps over the past forty to fifty years. Prior to that, it was mostly played by men. However, with women making rapid progress there are reasons to believe that golf also has changed quite a bit and today almost all major and minor tournaments have women taking part. The dress sense for women in the golf field also has undergone quite a bit of change and it has changed with times. There is no denying the fact that there are strictly laid down dress codes both for men and women and the players have to abide by the same. Today we have many cute women’s golf apparel choices available. However, this has not come around in a day or two. It has evolved with time. It would, therefore, be interesting to have a look at the evolution of golf dressing trends for women over the years.

The 1950s

The 1950s was perhaps the period of liberalization as far as hem lengths for women golfers were concerned. Prior to that, women golfers were not seen wearing golf dresses that showed the part above the ankle. However, this changed gradually from the 1950s. Women felt that wearing dresses which displayed the ankle had nothing to do with sexism. It was more to do with overall comfort levels. Golf Skirts with a simple blouse and cashmere sweater became the order of the day. During warmer weather, sleeveless blouses were also considered to be acceptable. This was the first whiff of positive change as far as golf dresses for women were concerned.

The 1970s

There is no doubt that things had changed quite a bit as far as dress trends for women in golf was concerned. The 1970s saw women wearing pants suits, platform shoes, form-fitting pants, and other such dresses. These were basically done to state the power of women on the golf field. It also was a sign of equality as far as the male counterparts were concerned. it was the beginning of a journey where golf dresses were more unisex in nature rather than being something that was specifically considered to be the domain of men. Slacks came into being and the dresses accentuated the waistline and this certainly was a turning point of sorts.

The 1990s

The 1990s saw golfers deciding that women, in particular, were good enough for wearing something that was considered colorful. The days of subdued coloring were all but over and this decade saw the use of classically pleated khakis and they were paired with oversized polos. They were dressed with the intention of making a big statement of equality and this again perhaps was another turning point.

The 2000s

This could be the decade where one saw the emergence of color which had taken a back seat for some time. They were bold in their dressing habits and the cuts and silhouettes were quite unmistakable, to say the least. Hence there is no doubt that today there is hardly anything much to differentiate between the male and female golfers and this could keep on being the rule rather than being an exception as we move into the next few decades of women’s golfing.

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